Ahaar Chair

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The “Ahaar” Chair finds its name from the Assamese origin, meaning “Meal”. It is made with eco-friendly materials and is sustainable in nature. It can be placed anywhere you like adding an aesthetic touch to your spaces. It is highly durable and sturdy. It cleans easily with a damp cloth.

Bamboo furniture has gained even more popularity in the past few years for not only its distinct beauty but also because bamboo furniture is eco-friendly. The simple yet delicate appearance of bamboo furniture is what often captures the eyes, but don’t be misled because bamboo furniture and décor are actually very durable and withstands many years of usage. The natural material will give your home or office a clean and calm element often described as Zen-like. Furniture, decor, or accessories made out of natural bamboo often have an Asian inspired appearance blended with a minimalist design. This is why bamboo furniture sales have increased and more and more people are furnishing their homes with bamboo furniture. There is just something about bamboo furniture that helps put you at ease and gives you a peace of mind.

With dwindling forests and rising global temperatures, people are led to realise the need to save the woods. An increasing number of people are opting for eco-friendly furniture. There is a wide variety of eco-friendly furnishing materials available, which not only offer a rich look, but are also inexpensive.

It seems like hundreds of products can be made from bamboo. From household items to the entire house, bamboo products are nothing new to society. Ancient civilizations were using bamboo for building long before they were using other materials and this trend has faded slightly over the centuries, but is now making a comeback in parts of the world, becoming a popular resource.

Bamboo has been made into numerous products over the years. From raw products like bamboo charcoal or edible bamboo shoots, to finished pieces like furniture and instruments, there are many kinds of bamboo products out there. Whether they are made of raw or treated bamboo, they all seem to be used with more frequency now that we are re-discovering the versatility of the products.

Bamboo and Cane are vital parts of social structure in north-eastern India. A wide variety of baskets, pails, rain shields, structural elements, haversacks, accessories and tools are made with the versatile sustainable bamboo. North-east is the hub for eco-friendly and sustainable bamboo and cane handicrafts in India. Bamboo and Cane are used to create an array of furniture, utensils, baskets, bowls and interior decoration products.

Some products are constructed by interlacing bamboo splits, while others like a fish trap, are shaped from a mat that is first woven as a flat surface. Rain shields are made by sandwiching a layer of dried palm leaves (for waterproofing) between two layers of bamboo strips, interlaced in an open hexagonal weave. The crafts are dependent on the systematic and skilful handling, strength, flexibility and sustainable fibrous qualities of bamboo. A large number of culturally distinctive eco-friendly baskets, bowls and containers made by the ‘Riang’ and ‘Jamatia’ hill tribes are tall and conical unlike the shallow baskets constructed in the plains. Made from bamboo splits in an open hexagonal and closed weave depending on their function, they are used for carrying and storing grains and other items; for eg. A ‘Jamatia’ open carrying basket is made entirely of outer splits of bamboo, a closed weave bamboo-carrying basket is used for carrying grain by the ‘Riang tribe’. Sides of the baskets are strengthened by bamboo splits. The change in weave from the base towards the top gives the basket a wider mouth. Tukri, shallow storage baskets, ‘Mudha’ (stool) are some other sustainable products traditionally made by the tribes.

Bahcane brings to you, traditional handicrafts and the culture behind them, directly from the very home of the Indian artisan. We have a range of Bamboo and Cane products providing for the living, kitchen, dining, seating, planters, baskets, bowls etc.
In the kitchen section, we have several bowls each with a distinct characteristic of its own.
The “Ahaar” Chair finds its name from the Assamese origin, meaning “Meal”. It is made with eco-friendly materials and is sustainable in nature. It can be placed anywhere you like adding an aesthetic touch to your spaces. It is highly durable and sturdy. As for the maintenance, it cleans easily with a damp cloth without any hassle.

5 kg

88 cm


48 kg


46 cm

Packed Weight

5.5 kg

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  1. Harsh

    The design of this chair has been really well thought out. The round arched shape in the bottom is really helpful for back ache problems. Very comfortable

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Ahaar Chair Dimension
Length 46 cm
Height 88 cm
Width 48 cm
Product Weight 5 kg
Packed Weight 5.5 kg
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