North East India has always been home to a large number of traditional art forms made from rattan and bamboo influenced by Tribal culture in the region. These organic materials have been used for the construction of traditional homes, weapons such as shields and spears, other home utility items such as baskets, boxes, etc.  that are native to the seven sister states.

Over the years, the modernization of many parts of the North-East has urbanized  major part of the culture, however, traditional crafting still plays an important role in the region due to the abundance and versatility of the resource, especially where rural areas are concerned. The founders of BahCane, being from the Eastern and North-Eastern parts, themselves, were influenced by the self-sufficiency of the NorthEastern culture and their crafting techniques inspiring them to create the company. The idea is to promote the use of these naturally sustainable and abundant resources to create furniture using modern processing techniques and minimalist designs. BahCane is all about taking the best of traditional crafting and applying it to the needs of a more diverse population of customers with modern taste and aesthetics.

BahCaneโ€™s products are known for their simplicity, style, and quality. The furniture line is influenced by modern minimalism and finding beauty through efficiency.  We offer a combination of mid to high end, high-quality furniture and home accessories with little or no cost to the environment.

BahCaneโ€™s Customers can take pride in the fact that they are not only receiving quality and beautifully crafted products but also making the planet a better place by purchasing goods that are environmentally friendly and highly renewable.