Why Bamboo?

Bamboo has caught the imagination of people across the country as the go-to eco-friendly material. This isn’t without a reason as bamboo is the most environment-friendly of materials used in making furniture. Though bamboo has been one of the primary construction and furniture making materials in East and North-eastern India, it is only in the recent decades that bamboo furniture has found popularity elsewhere in India. Here we look at some reasons why your next furniture should be made from bamboo.

Reduce Plastic Waste

If there is a sole reason for switching over to bamboo products, it must be the role it plays in bringing down pollution caused by plastic. From furniture to cookware, our lives have been overwhelmed by plastic over the last few decades. Being cheap, plastic has almost replaced products made from natural materials.
While products made from plastic can be cheap and easy to manufacture these are causing irreparable damage to the environment. From soil to waterbodies, waste plastic has caused havoc to the environment. By switching to an environment-friendlymaterial like bamboo, you would be able to play an active role in saving the environment. You can dispose of products made from bamboo at the end of their lifecycle and they would decay and decompose without harming the soil and waterbodies.

Sustainable Resource

Solid wood furniture have been around for thousands of years and they have served us well. While they are eco-friendly and do not cause any damage to the environment, they aren’t sustainable. On average, it takes anywhere between 30-50 years for most solid wood trees to mature and reach their harvesting stage. In the modern world where people replace furniture several times over a lifetime, this isn’t sustainable. Bamboo on the other hand grows quickly,and on average it takes 3 years for the grass to produce mature fiber. Certain species of bamboo can grow as fast as 1 feet in a single day. Hence this can be termed as an infinite resource for making furniture and other products.

Easier Regeneration

When trees are harvested new saplings must be planted again. Add to this the pain it takes to remove the tree trunk. This process is time-consuming and leads to soil erosion. There are no such worries when it comes to harvesting bamboo as it regrows from its root system and hence there is no need for them to be planted again. This cycle is eco-friendly as it doesn’t disturb the soil ensuring the supply of essential nutrients. This easier regeneration process ensures a constant supply of matured bamboo for furniture making.

Strength and Solidity

Are you concerned about the strength and solidity of bamboo furniture? There is a common belief that solid wood, plastic, or steel furniture is stronger than ones made with bamboo. However, this isn’t true as bamboo has more comprehensive strength than wood and can withstand more wear and tear. It is lighter than steel that makes any furniture made with this material easy to move around. Bamboo is a highly flexible material and unlike plastic, it doesn’t break easily.

To conclude, you do see the immense benefits of bamboo furniture and other products made from bamboo. It not only saves the environment from plastic pollution but also helps rural communities that are in the business of bamboo cultivation and craftsmanship using bamboo. Make life simple and pledge towards a greener and more eco-friendly lifestyle with bamboo.

Summary- In this write-up, we discuss some of the reasons why you should start buying eco-friendly bamboo products and how they can save the environment.

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