People are becoming environmentally conscious and active every passing day. So, they consider the environmental impact of anything that they use; and the same goes for their furniture. They keenly observe what their outdoor furniture is made up of and look towards natural alternatives. The number one natural alternative that lands on their list is ‘bamboo’.

Bamboo is an organic sturdy grass that grows in almost any type of climate. In India, it has always been used in making furniture but somehow got side-tracked.

But in recent times, people have begun to understand the importance of saving nature by limiting the use of plastics and softwoods which take a longer time period to grow and are switching to the bamboo outdoor furniture. Another reason why people like bamboo furniture is because it looks dashing and grows quickly as compared to other trees. Hence, using bamboo furniture is a decor trend that never goes out of style.

In India, as the trend of using furniture made from bamboo is growing at a fast pace, most people are looking for stylish outdoor and indoor decors made from bamboo. If you are looking forward to the outdoor bamboo furniture and decor ideas and products for your home, look no further than

BahCane is a northeast Indian brand that provides you with 100% original bamboo products with high functionality and marvelous designs ranging from kitchen utilities to outdoor furniture. BahCane provides the best bamboo furniture products online and offline.

We know you are looking for bamboo products, that’s why you’re here! While you visit BahCane, here are some reasons why you should look forward to using the bamboo outdoor furniture for your homes and why it is a decor that never goes out of style

Strength- Bamboo might look very soft but when measured on the Brinell scale it scored higher than other trees like oak and ash trees. It is considered stronger than steel when it comes to tensile strength. That’s the reason why you should buy bamboo furniture for outdoor because of its durability and sustainability.

Aesthetics – The bamboo furniture gives a very unique and aesthetically pleasing look to your home. Using natural woods in your outdoor furniture brings a sense of calm and peace for you.

Flexibility – Bamboo is known to be resilient. It can stand the tough weather. The outdoor furniture of your home is not prone to shrinking or swelling as the weather changes when it is made from bamboo. Bamboo furniture retains its original shape for a long time.

Environmentally Friendly and easy to maintain – Your outdoor bamboo furniture is an environment friendly furniture for your house that is also very easy to maintain. At BahCane we suggest that rather than using the harsh cleaners on your outdoor bamboo furniture, simply use a cleaning cloth and a broom. And its as good as new!

To buy the best bamboo furniture and décor, log into BahCane’s website.

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