Being one of the fastest growing plants in the world, Bamboo reaches maturity within three to four years, compared to the 35-50 years of growth for other commercial trees. It is actually a tropical grass which sends out 4-6 shoots per year naturally. It can actually grow more than 45 feet. Some species can grow about 4 feet a day as well. It is nature’s one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly resources.

Apart from being sustainable and eco-friendly, Bamboo has many more characteristics which makes it one of the best raw materials for Furnitures:


It is actually very tough compared to wood used in other furniture. It can even tolerate beating of repeated knife use and remain beautiful. Bamboo is preferred as a material for cutting boards.

Resists to shrinking and swelling

Bamboo can naturally withstand changes in the humidity in the atmosphere. It won’t react to humid to dry or dry to humid air. Whereas other furniture swell as with an increase in humidity.


Do you know that Bamboo’s tensile strength is more than that of Steel? No other tree in the world can grow as straight as a bamboo tree. The knuckles in the bamboo makes it super strong.


Bamboo furniture look very elegant and hence, has the ability to make your home look very beautiful.


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